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Killing Mind by Angela Marsons

Killing Mind (D.I. Kim Stone #12)
Good Day!  Angela Marsons is the author of the DI Kim Stone Crime Thriller series.  I like how each book builds upon the previous one in this captivating series.  Angela lives in the Black Country with her partner, a cheeky Golden Retriever and a swearing parrot.  She is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has sold over 3 million copies of her books in three years.
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Killing Mind by Angela Marsons has DI Kim Stone called to the home of Samantha Brown.  By all appearances, it looks like the woman took her own life.  Kim and her trusty sidekick Bryant visit Myles and Kate Brown to notify them of their daughter’s death.  Something feels off to Kim and she rushes back to the crime scene for a second look.  Kim is now positive that Samantha was murdered, but she needs to prove it to her boss in order to begin an investigation.  Kim and her team are called out when a dead man is pulled from a lake.  The man did not drown, his throat was cut just like Samantha’s.  They soon find a connection between the two victims and it leads the team down a sinister path. 
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Killing Mind is the 12th A DI Kim Stone Crime Thriller.  I do recommend reading the series in order.  Each book builds upon the previous one in this engaging series.  I thought Killing Mind was well-written and the story moved along at a fast pace.  I like the diverse cast of characters that continue to develop.  Penn is fast becoming a member of the team.  They still miss Dawson, but, while Penn cannot replace him, he shows what he can add to the group.  Kim and her team are a hardworking bunch.  Bryant is a little distracted because a rapist and killer is up for parole.  This case is what led Bryant to working in CID.  One of the man’s victim’s is still alive and fearful that the man will come after again.  The father of another victim has never been able to recover.  Kim and the rest of the team busy with the two murders.  The case leads them to Unity Farm which turns out to be a cult led by a manipulative leader.  The author certainly did her research for this book.  We see how easily it is to fall under the spell of a persuasive man.  I thought it was fascinating and frightening.  I enjoyed following the mystery to see if I had accurately identified the killer. Killing Mind is a compelling story full that will have you riveted until the very end.  
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Killing Mind releases May 13 and can be purchased from Amazon*.  You can find the other 11 DI Kim Stone Crime Thriller novels hereSilent Scream is currently on sale on Amazon (they were when I wrote this post) as well as Evil Games (the first two books in this series). If you enjoy thrilling crime dramas, you will not be disappointed with this series.  Thank you for reading my review today.  I will be back tomorrow with Unveiling the Past by Kim Vogel Sawyer.  I hope that you have upbeat day.  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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