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Killer Chardonnay by Kate Lansing

Killer Chardonnay (A Colorado Wine Mystery #1)
Welcome!  I wanted to share some new books that are coming out June 2 with you.  The titles include The Grim Reader by Kate Carlisle, Deadly Sweet Tooth by Kaye George, Rainy Days for the Harper Girls by Rosie Clarke, Amish Generations by Kathleen Fuller, and The Way of Love by Tracie Peterson.  I like that there are cozy mysteries, historical fiction, Christian fiction and Amish fiction.  Which one of these upcoming releases appeals to you?
Reclaimed barn wood and wine barrel tables are part of the unique setting at Indian Bear Winery in Walhonding, Ohio.
Killer Chardonnay by Kate Lansing has Parker Valentine opening Vino Valentine in Boulder, Colorado.  Parker is surprised when food and wine blogger, Gaskel Brown arrives for a tasting.  His review could make or break her new venture.  Gaskel tastes her chardonnay and does not seem to enjoy it.  He then disappears into the restroom.  When the critic fails to return, Parker finds him dead on the bathroom floor.  Detective Eli Fuller, an old school chum, is on the case and it does not look good for Parker.  Gaskel was poisoned which has #killerchardonnay trending online.  Parker’s winery is in danger of closing if she cannot restore her reputation and prove she did not kill the critical critic.
Focus on Chardonnay in Meursault, France
Killer Chardonnay is the debut of A Colorado Wine Mystery series.  I found Killer Chardonnay to be nicely written with good pacing which made this lighthearted cozy mystery easy to read.  Parker Valentine is a friendly and relatable main character with a passion for wine making.  I liked her cat, Zin (Zinfandel is full name).  There are a variety of secondary characters that include Parker’s parents, her brother, best friend, and a love interest or two.  I liked the descriptions of Boulder and Parker’s winery, Vino Valentine.   I could imagine the both from the author’s word imagery.  It was interesting learning about the different wines and how they are made.  I am amazed at the different flavor profiles that can be obtained from grapes (I could envision someone swirling a glass and taking a taste stating they could taste a hint of chocolate or pear with a hint of smokiness—you can tell I do not drink wine).  The mystery had a variety of suspects along with misdirection.  There was action as the killer attempted to warn off Parker and keep her from finding pertinent clues.  The poison was unique, but I wish it had been harder to identify the guilty party.  I could see Parker in my mind as she put together the final clue and identified the killer.  There was a little too much romance for my taste plus I am never a fan of multiple of love interests.   I prefer romantic relationships in cozies to develop slowly instead of instant passion like a romance novel.  I would have preferred if the author had not used foul language in this story.  There was some luscious food served in Killer Chardonnay.  Recipes and wine pairings are included at the end of the book.  Killer Chardonnay is a merry cozy mystery with a butchered blogger, wicked wines, a cute chef, social media madness, and a cunning killer. 
Rustic winery tasting room at Indian Bear Winery in Walhonding,Ohio.
Killer Chardonnay can be purchased from Amazon*.  Kate Lansing is award winning short story author who lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, daughter, and a tabby named Maple.  Killer Chardonnay is her first novel.  Thank you for stopping by today.  Next time I am reviewing A Call for Kelp by Bree Baker.  It is the 4th A Seaside Cafe Mystery and my first venture into this world.  I hope that you have a pleasing day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!

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