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Their Mountain Reunion by Patricia Johns

Their Mountain Reunion: A Clean Romance (The Second Chance Club Book 1) by [Patricia Johns]
Good Day! I hope you are doing well and staying safe. There are some exciting new books coming out on May 5.  They include:  Mousse and Murder by Elizabeth Logan, A Mosaic of Wings by Kimberly Duffy, Unyielding Hope by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan, Storing Up Trouble by Jen Turano (she writes witty historical romances), On a Coastal Breeze by Suzanne Woods Fisher, The Farm Stand by Amy Clipston, Their Mountain Reunion by Patricia Johns, and The Trustworthy One by Shelley Shepard Gray.  Do any of these titles appeal to you?  
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Their Mountain Reunion by Patricia Johns has Melanie Isaacs back in Mountain Springs after the dissolution of her fifteen-year marriage.  After discovering that her husband cheated on her, Melanie is not sure she can trust a man again.  She needs to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life as well as the lake house she received in the divorce.  One day she receives a call from her old high school sweetheart, Logan McTavish.  He needs her help in locating his father so he can deliver a box.  The spark is still present between them, but they are both wary of venturing into a relationship.  Can their broken hearts be healed so they can have a rewarding future?  Their Mountain Reunion is the first novel in The Second Chance Club series.  A group of women in Mountain Springs are getting a second chance at life after divorce.  Angelina Cunningham owns the Mountain Springs Lodge and she issues an invitation to Melanie to join their group.  Each woman has a different story on how her marriage ended and how it impacted her.  I thought Their Mountain Reunion was well-written with developed, realistic characters and situations.  It is an emotional story that switches point-of-view between Melanie and Logan.  Logan is dealing with the death of his mother, discovering his deceased wife’s journals, and dealing with his father’s family.  Melanie has only been divorced two months and she is still adjusting.  She spent the last fifteen years with her ex-husband and her three stepchildren.  Melanie is looking forward to quiet time and then her seventeen-year-old stepdaughter, Tilly shows up.  Tilly is a spoiled young lady with problems of her own.  This is a story that shows you a family is more than blood relations.  I appreciated the epilogue which nicely wrapped up this sweet tale.  Their Mountain Reunion is a heartwarming story about hope, new beginnings, second chances, and forgiveness. 
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Their Mountain Reunion is available in ebook and releases on May 5 in paperbackPatricia Johns has Jeb's Wife out on August 25 and The Nanny's Amish Family on June 1. Thank you for joining me today.  Tomorrow I am featuring Almost Home by Valerie Fraser Luesse.  On Sunday's, I feature books that I was unable to when it was released.  I hope you have a relaxing day.  Take care and Happy Reading!
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