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To Kill a Mocking Girl by Harper Kincaid

To Kill a Mocking Girl (Bookbinding Mystery #1)
Good Day!  I am currently under the weather with one of my spring colds (so if my reviews are a little off, you know why).  It is a common thing for me because I have asthma and allergies.  How are you doing?  A Call for Kelp by Bree Baker will be out on May 26.  It is the 4th book in the  Seaside Cafe Mysteries.  Other novels out on May 26 are Red Sky Over Hawaii by Sara Ackerman, Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower, Killer Chardonnay by Kate Lansing, All She Wrote by Tonya Kappes, and No Filter by Heather Day Gilbert.  Which title(s) are you adding to your TBR list?
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To Kill a Mocking Girl by Harper Kincaid has Quinn Caine back in hometown of Vienna, Virginia where she is working in the family bookshop, Prose & Scones as a bookbinder.  Quinn is delivering the monthly canine donations to Guinefort Home when Tricia Pemberley strolls up.  Tricia announces that she got engaged to Scott Hauser the night before and shows off her blingy ring hoping to make Quinn jealous.  Quinn dated Scott for three weeks three years prior and was happy to get out of the relationship.  During the night, Quinn’s dog, RBG (Ruff Barker Ginsburg) wakes her up and is restless.  She decides to take RBG for a walk and ends up finding Tricia dead.  Officer Wyatt Reynolds is ready to haul Quinn in for Tricia’s death, and Quinn soon learns that many people in town believe she could have offed her old high school nemesis.  Sister Daria, Quinn’s cousin, tells Quinn that they need to find Tricia’s killer.  The killer is not happy with their snooping and does something dastardly.  Quinn is even more determined to uncover the guilty party.
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To Kill a Mocking Girl by Harper Kincaid is the first A Book Binder Mystery.  Quinn Caine has spent the last three years teaching English abroad.  Quinn is happy to return home where she rents a converted barn from her aunt and uncle.  She is working a book binder at her parent’s bookshop, Prose & Scones in Vienna, Virginia. Quinn is also an avid reader who is currently enjoying cozy mysteries.  I like that the author took the time to establish the characters and set the stage for the series.  We learn about the businesses in Vienna and meet various townspeople.  I liked Quinn’s cousin, Sister Daria who is a novitiate living at Guinefort Home where they raise and train German Shepherds.  Sister Daria and Quinn have a close relationship and I enjoyed their banter.  I wish we had gotten to spend more time at Prose & Scones as well as learn more about bookbinding.  There were just small snippets of Quinn’s craft.  Quinn has a habit of sharing book and movie quotes.  I had to laugh at one that referenced a magical invisibility cloak.  The mystery seemed to fade into the background most of the time.  I wanted it to be the feature with sleuthing and action. I thought the method of murder was clever.  I found there to be too much romance for my liking.  I wanted less flirting and more snooping.  I do want to make readers aware that this book does contain mild foul language.  My favorite line from To Kill a Mocking Girl is, “Curses like chickens come home to roost.”  To Kill a Mocking Girl is a blithe cozy mystery with a clever canine, a snippy sister, dog donations, a mean-spirited mother, a debonair detective, and a busy bookbinder.
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To Kill a Mocking Girl can be purchased from Amazon*.  If you are unsure about a book, dowload a sample to see if it suits you.  You can find Harper Kincaid's other novels here.  Thank you for stopping by today.  I am a stop on the Great Escape Virtual Book Tour for Murder in the Wine Country by Janet Finsilver tomorrow.  It is the 6th A Kelly Jackson Mystery.  I hope that you have a witty day.  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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