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The House Share by Kate Helm

The House Share
Welcome!  A Week at the Shore by Barbara Delinsky, Her Amish Suitor's Secret by Carrie Lighte, and Midnight Abduction by Nichole Severn release May 19.  If you are looking for a historical novel to read, check out The Women of Waterloo Bridge by Jan Casey which will be out on May 21.  I am looking forward to Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower that publishes on May 26.  Which May release are you looking forward to reading?
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The House Share by Kate Helm has The Dye Factory, a co-living community in Bermondsey, looking for two new roommates.  Immi feels it is the solution for her if she can get in.  She has been couch surfing since her boyfriend tossed her out.  The rent is reasonable and there are some great perks like housekeeping, daily yoga, rooftop terrace and communal food.  Immi just hopes that they do not find out her secret.  Dex needs a place to hide out and is tired of the run-down motel where he is currently living. He needs to play a part and lie, though, to get accepted.  Both Immi and Dex are thrilled when they get the news that they are the newest members of the community.  Not long after they move in, someone begins playing a series of pranks.  The mischief escalates into something far more sinister.  Is the danger coming from outside their community or within?
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The House Share sounded like it would be a good thriller and I had been looking forward to reading it.  I found it to be an unusual story.  I posh living community (aka house share) with unique features where they want to foster a sense of community.  They encourage sharing your past and your troubles.  Each new community member is assigned a “buddy” that they meet with each week (anyone getting a cult vibe).  There is a reading nook, a workout area, rooftop terrace, and a housekeeper along with high tech security system.  The point-of-view alternates between Immi and Dex except at the end when it switches to the guilty party.   I admit that I did not like any of the characters in this story. Each one of seven housemates has an annoying fault (loud, brash, bossy, on drugs, and touchy feely).  The chapters are choppy, and I never felt the suspense.  The point of a thriller is to be kept on the edge of your seat which did not happen for me.  I wanted to be scared and intrigued.  The big reveal was rushed and anticipated as well as implausible. The House Share does have good descriptions that allow readers to visualize the people and the scenes.   There is a significant amount of foul language and cute little animals are harmed.  I was thankful that the bed hopping was not described in detail.  While The House Share was not for me, I suggest you obtain a sample to see if it suits you.  
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The House Share is available in paperback from Amazon*.  Kate Helm has also written The Secrets You Hide.  Thank you for reading my review.  I am featuring A Deadly Inside Scoop by Abby Collette tomorrow.  It is the debut of An Ice Cream Parlor Mystery series.  I hope that you have a beautiful day.  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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