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Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower

Marshmallow Malice (Amish Candy Shop Mystery #5)
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Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower has Bailey King wearing a frothy lavender and white polka dotted dress as maid of honor to Juliet Brody who is marrying Reverend Simon Brook.  Jethro, Juliet’s pet pig, is the ring bearer sporting a lavender polka dotted tie.  Bailey is worried that the marshmallow frosting on the wedding cake will melt in the hot July weather on the polka dotted wedding cake, but her grandmother assures her that she has it in hand.  The minister is about to pronounce them man and wife when a woman barges into the church.  She is obviously drunk and soon ousted.  The next morning, Bailey arrives early at the church where she finds the wedding crasher dead on the steps.  It looks like the honeymoon to Prince Edward Island is one hold when Reverend Brook becomes the prime suspect.  Deputy Aiden Brody wants to get this case solved quickly since Reverend Brook is his new stepfather.  Bailey with her best friend, Cass decide to do a little poking around on their own.  
Marshmallow Malice by Amanda Flower is the 5th An Amish Candy Shop Mystery.  While it can be read on its own, I do recommend reading each book in this entertaining series.  I like Amanda Flower’s engaging writing style.  I was quickly drawn into the story and I did not want to put down my book (a very pushy cat got insistent at dinner time).  I laughed often while reading Marshmallow Malice.  Jethro is one mischievous pig.  Of course, Bailey manages to get herself into some sticky situations.   I love the cast of characters in this series.  Bailey, Cass, Emily, Charlotte, Aiden, Juliet, Jethro, and even Margot.  I like that Bailey is close to her grandmother and has a wonderful group of friends.  Aiden and Bailey make a cute couple.  There are also some adorable little animals.  It is so cute how Nutmeg, the cat at the Swissmen’s Sweets, likes to play with Bailey’s rabbit, Puff.  Don’t forget Jethro who can get into trouble faster than you can say chocolate.  Harvest, Ohio is a charming small town with a mix of English and Amish shops and residents.  There are one or two bad eggs (two people at Esh’s Pretzel Shop spring to mind), but the rest of the people are friendly and welcoming.  The mystery was well-crafted.  I had a good time playing sleuth alongside Bailey and Cass.  There are good clues along with a red herring and misdirection.  Bailey had an additional worry in Marshmallow Malice.  A woman from Aiden’s past has returned to town and she seems determined to rekindle her relationship with the dashing deputy (and so does her pushy mother).  I like how Millie Fisher from An Amish Matchmaker Mystery series attended the wedding.  This was a delightful story that I finished much too quickly.  Marshmallow Malice is witty cozy mystery with hair hijinks, a playful pig, marshmallow madness, a plethora of polka dots, hot hooch, and partner problems.
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Marshmallow Malice is available from Amazon*.  The other novels in An Amish Candy Shop Mystery series can be found here.  I hope you enjoy this delightful story as much as I did.  Lemon Drop Dead will be the 6th An Amish Candy Shop Mystery and it will be out next year.  Amanda Flower's next release is Courting Can Be Killer.  It is the 2nd An Amish Matchmaker Mystery and releases November 24. Thank you for stopping by today and reading my review.  On Wednesday, I am featuring No Filter by Heather Day Gilbert as part of the Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour.  It is the debut of A Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery series.  I hope that you have a tranquil day.  Take care, stay safe, and Happy Reading!    

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