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The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin

The Land Beneath Us (Sunrise at Normandy, #3)
US Army Rangers awaited the invasion signal in a landing craft in an English port, circa early Jun 1944.
Army Rangers (1944)
The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin has Private Clay Paxton working hard to become a U.S. Army Ranger. He would make a great medic and is encouraged to pursue that path, but a recurring dream has Clay insisting on becoming a fighter.  He believes God has sent this dream to him and Clay looks forward to the day the dream comes true.  At Camp Forrest in Tennessee, Clay meets Leah Jones who has come to work at the library on the base.  Clay rescues Leah after she is brutally attacked one evening at the library.  To save her reputation, Clay weds Leah in a marriage of convenience.  He likes knowing that she will be provided for after he is gone.  When Clay ships out, they write frequently to each other.  As time passes, they begin to love each other but neither will admit it to the other.  Will Clay make it back from the war or will his recurring dream come true?
US Army Rangers at Point du Hoc, Omaha Beach.....just incredible what these men accomplished...there are no words
US Army Rangers at Point  du Hoc (they did an incredible job)
The Land Beneath Us by Sarah Sundin is the final installment in Sunrise at Normandy series.  It can be read on its own, but, if you want to get the full experience of the brothers’ saga, I recommend reading them in order.  I thought The Land Beneath Us was well-written with developed characters.  I enjoy Sarah Sundin’s word imagery which brings the scenes alive.  The author creates such strong characters.  Leah Jones has had a rough life.  Her parents died when she was a small child.  At the orphanage, Leah was separated from her baby sisters.  She then endured horrible adoptive parents who felt Leah’s Greek heritage was disdainful.  They took away her heritage and her real name.  Just when things are turning around for Leah, she is violently assaulted.  It takes a strong woman to overcome so much tragedy.  Leah has such a tender and caring heart.  I love how she enjoyed books.  Leah is an avid reader like me.  I admit that I wanted to shake Clay at times.  His dream confounded me, but Clay is a man of strong convictions.  I enjoyed reading this engaging story as well as the whole series.  The author did her research for this trilogy.  She captured the U.S. Army Ranger training as well as D-Day.  Sarah Sundin portrayed the time period beautifully.  My favorite line from The Land Beneath Us is, “Since the Lord knows everything, I reckon that makes Him the ultimate library.”  The epilogue was a delight and wrapped up the series perfectly.  The Land Beneath Us is a captivating historical tale with a death dream, a terrible tragedy, battling brothers, a library lover, and a raging war.  
Past Vs Present – Normandy D-Day Landing Sites – Daily Freaky Pictures The Best Funny & Freaky Pictures
US Army Rangers on June 5, 1944
The Land Beneath Us can be obtained from Amazon* as well as other major booksellers.  The other two novels in Sunrise at Normandy series are The Sea Before Us (available on Kindle Unlimited) and The Sky Above Us. Thank you for reading my review today.  I appreciate it and I hope it helps you find a new book, series or author. On a Coastal Breeze by Suzanne Woods Fisher will be featured tomorrow.  It is the second book in the Three Sisters Island series.  May you have a peaceful day.  Take care, stay safe and Happy Reading!

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