Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Color of Secrets

The Color of Secrets by Lindsay Ashford is an historical romance.  It starts out in 1943 in Wolverhampton, England.  Eva Melrose’s husband is missing in action.  Eva is living with her mother, sister, and young son.  Eva and her husband have been apart more than they have been together.  They had to move after their home was bombed out during the initial blitz on London.  Eva is now working on rail lines (hard work) instead of in a library.  One day while working a train comes into town filled with American G.I.’s.  Eva’s friend Cathy convinces her to go to the dance for the servicemen.  Eva meets Bill Willis at the dance.  Bill is an African-American GI.  Unlike in the United States, black men can go out with white women (it may not be against the law, but some people do object). They are attracted to each other and they start quietly dating.   

Their relationship grows but then a scandal happens in the town.  A friend of Bill’s has been seeing a white girl and the girl ends up pregnant.  The young girl tells her parents that she was raped (even though the relationship was consensual) and man is hanged.  Bill and Eva have to be very careful, but they are in love.  Bill is so upset at the death of his friend.  Eva finds herself pregnant and she does her best to hide it from everyone.  Eva has yet to tell Bill that her husband is missing (not dead) and that she has a young son.  Bill is shipped out and Eva’s mother finds out that she is pregnant.  Eva’s mother throws her out of the house.  Eva goes to Wales to live with relatives.

Eva gives birth to a little girl with very light complexion and names her Louise Ann (after Bill’s home state).  Unfortunately, it does not seem as if Bill and Eva are meant to be together.  When the war ends and Eva looks forward to seeing Bill again, Edward Melrose returns home.  He was rescued from a POW camp.  He is so happy to be home that he is willing to overlook Eva’s indiscretion and accept Louise. 

As Louise grows up, will she find out about her real father?  What about Bill?  Did Bill survive the war?  Secrets have a way of coming out over time whether you want them to or not.  I give The Color of Secrets 4.5 out of 5 stars.  The book starts off a little slow, but then I could not put it down.  This is a British novel so some words, phrases, and items will be unusual.  The Color of Secrets is a novel that you will enjoy and think about for days after you finish reading it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest review.

The Color of Secrets is available on Kindle Unlimited if you are a member (they offer a 30 day free trial).   Thank you for checking out my latest review.  I have tried to summarize the book without giving away too much.  Have a delightful evening and Happy Reading!


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