Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking by Kamy Wicoff is a humorous and engaging book.  Jennifer Bideau is divorced, works full-time (with the housing authority), and has two young boys.  Her ex-husband, Norman, who is an actor (which means the child support is pitiful), has not been very helpful and only sees the boys once a week.  Jennifer’s new boss, Bill, believes she should be working more hours per week.  Forty hours a week is not enough for this man.  He is trying to implement private sector ideas into the government.  Jennifer does not know how she can work more hours.  Bill offers an incentive of bonuses.

Jennifer’s needs help.  One morning before work she cannot find her phone.  They turn on the phone finder and they find the phone in an envelope outside her front door.  There is a note inside.  Her kindly neighbor, Dr. Diane Sexton (Jennifer and the boys call her The Shoe Lady) found the phone and installed an app on it.  The app is called Wishful Thinking.  Diane is in a hurry and decides she will investigate it later.  In the afternoon when Diane is wondering how she can get more done within a 24 hour day, she looks at the app.  It states that she can be in two places at once!  The note states she is to contact Dr. Sexton before trying out the app.  Of course, Jennifer decides to try it without checking with Dr. Sexton. 

The app requires that you schedule an “appointment” stating start time, end time, leaving coordinates, and arrival coordinates.  Jennifer would love to attend her elder son’s recital.  She is hiding in a bathroom on the eighteenth floor (a nice quiet place) when she tries out the app.  Next thing she knows she is across town.  What just happened?  Diane gets to attend her son’s recital (who is thrilled) and then she goes back to work.  It was like she never left.  She returns back to the bathroom at the same time she left!  How wonderful!  What ensues is hilarious!  Jennifer becomes superwoman.  She can be with her children, get word done (making her new boss happy), and find time for a boyfriend.  You just know something is going to happen!

Read Wishful Thinking to see how Jennifer handles the app and the lessons she learns along the way.  I give Wishful Thinking 4.25 out of 5 stars.  I found that the book was sometimes a little too wordy (some more editing was needed) and the physics parts were down right confusing (made my brain hurt).  Wishful Thinking was a fun book to read.  It had romance, humor, a mystery, and unique characters (Dr. Diane Sexton).  I look forward to reading more books by Kamy Wicoff.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel from NetGalley (and publisher) in exchange for an honest review.

I bet a lot of working mother's would love to get their hands on the app in Wishful Thinking!  Thank you for reading my latest review.  I am currently reading Musseled Out by Barbara Ross.   I hope you had a great day and a lovely evening.  Happy Reading!


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