Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

It is Wear Something Gaudy Day!  In high school I used to wear the gaudiest earrings that I made myself.  At Christmas I had this 3 inch gold-tone Christmas trees!  I also had an outfit that was composed of seven different shades of red!  I still love red, but I wear just one shade at a time.  I also prefer stud earrings.  How we change over time!

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem by Lori Copeland is a short, Christian Christmas story.  Arlene and Jack Santana are heading out to visit their first grandchild, Ella Parker Santana.  Arlene is so happy and excited.  The plane is packed with gifts for the new grandbaby (they own Santana Toys).  Jack has a new plane and is eager to try it out (he is a pilot and was in the Air Force).  It is December and very cold out.  As they are flying ice starts forming on the plane.  The ice protection system has failed on the plane.  The plane crashes.  Arlene suffers brain damage, broken ribs, and some paralysis.  Arlene has a type of amnesia.  She remembers some things from her past like her children and husband but she forgets most things day to day.  Arlene is sent by her children to live at Sunset Gardens in Buckhead, Georgia to live near her son Steven and his wife, Julee.   

Arlene drifts through the years at the home.  She makes a few friends, but she is mostly unhappy.  Arlene misses her husband, Jack and their home.  Her children visit as often as they can, but Arlene does not remember their visits (or them).  Will Arlene ever recover full brain function (her memories)?  Can something be done to make Arlene happy so she can enjoy life again?    I normally love all books by Lori Copeland, but I found Beautiful Star of Bethlehem to be very dispiriting.  It is such a somber book.  The writing is good (as always), but I just found the story lacking.  I give Beautiful Star of Bethlehem 3 out of 5 stars.

I received a complimentary copy of Beautiful Star of Bethlehem from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my review.  I hope you have a great evening and Happy Reading!

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