Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Plain Return

Happy Brandied Fruit Day!  I honestly do not make these things up. It is a real day.  It celebrates sweet tasting fruit that has been soaked and marinated in brandy.  There are even some recipes online especially for cakes including brandied fruit.

Plain Return by Sarah Price is the fourth book in her Plain Fame series.  Amanda and Alejandro are together again and are preparing for the South American tour.  Amanda is getting new clothes (sexier clothes that make her uncomfortable), doing interviews, and learning to dance.  Amanda is now a part of Alejandro’s show (thanks to her surprise in the last book).  Amanda is feeling out of her element, but she wants to make her husband happy.  Alejandro is busy with rehearsals, interviews, and appearances.  Alejandro and Amanda are not getting a lot of alone time.  Amanda is also nervous because she has yet to get pregnant (and I think Alejandro is why she is not getting pregnant). 

They start the tour with Alejandro’s new manager, Geoffrey.  They are busy from the moment they get up until they stagger to bed.  There are also more interviews, rehearsals, and public appearances.  Amanda is quickly getting burnt out from the schedule.  Then one night at a stadium in Rio she notices an older man with a little girl.  Alejandro (as well as everyone else) does not tell her anything.  The next morning Amanda finds out that the little girl is Isadora, Alejandro’s illegitimate daughter (from a one night stand about 5 years ago).  The press go wild with this new story.  Alejandro does his best to ignore Isadora while Amanda spends all her time with the little girl.  It is impossible to raise a child while on tour.  Amanda decides to leave the tour and take Isadora home to Miami.  Isadora gets to meet her Mrs. Diaz (Alejandro’s mother) who is thrilled to finally meet the little girl.  After rattling around in the Miami apartment, Amanda decides to take Isadora to the farm in Letitz, Pennsylvania.  She believes it will be the best environment for Isadora who has had so much change in her life.  What will this do to her marriage?  And what about the press?  Can Alejandro stand being on tour without Amanda?

Plain Return was my least favorite book in the series.  I think thie Plain Fame series has been too drawn out.  I was hoping this was the final book, but it is not.  I am not liking Alejandro in this book.  He is becoming more selfish and less appealing (I also believe he is hiding a secret from Amanda about why she cannot get pregnant. There have been little hints dropped in the other books).  I give Plain Return 3 out of 5 stars. I really hope the author ends the Plain Fame series with the next book.  Plain Return is a part of Kindle Unlimited program(you can try the program with a thirty days free trial).  If you want to see what other books Sarah Price has written, check out her page on Amazon (you can follow her to get updates).

I received a complimentary copy of Plain Return from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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