Thursday, October 15, 2015

Dodging Destiny

It is White Cane Safety Day!  It is a day to recognize the achievement of individuals who are visually impaired and blind. Applaud their independence and achievements!  Thanks to white canes, dogs, and some wonderful technological advancements!

I just finished reading Derinda Babcock’s Dodging Destiny.  It is a Christian novel about learning to listen to God and the first book in the Destiny trilogy.  Lexie Logan has broken off her engagement to Lance.  Lance has decided (after much prayer) that he is being called to be a missionary in Guatemala.  He wants to run an orphanage.  Lexie has dreams of her own.  She wishes to get into the Master of Arts Program and play the violin with the Topeka Symphony Orchestra.

She goes to the University of Kansas to sign up for her master’s program.  While she is waiting for her appointment, she falls asleep in the library (you have an hour to spare before an important appointment so you hole up in the library for a snooze fest).  She wakes up in 1857.  She wakes up in the back of a covered wagon with her bag (packed with all types of helpful items).  Lexie was found by the Bell family who graciously take her in.  Lexie learns what it is like to live in 1857 (without running water, cars, electricity, or good hygiene).  Will she learn to listen to God?

Dodging Destiny is an interesting novel, but it is very preachy (a lot of prayer—and I have nothing against prayer and many Bible verses).  I liked the time travel element (which is unusual for a Christian book).  One thing that I found extremely annoying was Lexie’s obsession with table manners (if I had to read one more description of people eating I was going to be sick).  I like the message that is being conveyed in the novel, but I found the story to be a little simple.  The ending was also very abrupt and seemed incomplete (I wanted an epilogue).  I also felt we were not given much information on some of the characters like Lexie's fiance, Lance (we were never told his last name).  I give Dodging Destiny 3.5 out of 5 stars.  Dodging Destiny is available on Kindle Unlimited.  The next book in the series is In Search of Destiny (maybe we will get more answers in this book). 

I received a complimentary copy of Dodging Destiny from The Book Club Inc. and the author in exchange for an honest review.

I hope everyone has a great afternoon.  The month is passing by so swiftly.  I am currently reading Moonlands by Steven Savile.  I have been trying to read this book since April (this is my fourth try).  I have had trouble getting into it.  I am determined to finish it this time and get it off my list.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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