Thursday, October 29, 2015

Counting Stars

It is Hermit Day!  If you enjoy seclusion and being by yourself, this is your day.  I have to admit this is probably a day for me!  I am not the type to entertain or enjoy crowds.  It is also said to be National Frankenstein Day (not to be confused with Frankenstein Friday which is tomorrow or August 30 which is Mary Shelley's birthday--the lady who wrote Frankenstein).  

I just finished reading Counting Stars by Kathleen Long.  Bernadette “Bernie” Murphy wants to fulfill a dream of her brother's.  Mark wanted to travel around the United States and see all the big attractions (biggest ball of twine, giant rocking horse, giant tea pot).  Mark died before he was able to see the attractions he had listed in a journal.  Bernie wants her sister-in-law, Jenny (Mark's wife), her mother, and best friend, Diane to go on a three week trip to see the sights.  It will be an interesting journey.

Bernie borrows Georgie Girl (a 35 ft. motor home) from her neighbor’s brother.  Jenny arranges supplies and organizes them.  On the day of the trip, Diane shows up with her daughter, Ashley.  Ashley is seventeen years old.  Diane wants Ashley to go in her place.  Then Aidan Kelly, neighbor and would be fiancé, shows up with Bernie’s dog, Poindexter.  Aidan had agreed to watch Poindexter while Bernie was away on the trip.  He feels the need to get away by himself.  Aidan would also like Bernie to make a decision.  He proposed weeks ago and has yet to receive an answer.  Bernie has been wearing the engagement ring on a cord around her neck.  Maybe time away will help Bernie make up her mind about Aidan.

Bernie, Jenny, Anne, Ashley, and Poindexter are in for the trip of a lifetime.  They are hoping to visit twenty-eight landmarks in three weeks.  Jenny has a detailed itinerary.  It will be a journey that they will never forget.   

Counting Stars had some good moments, but overall it was just an okay book.  Would I purchase this book?  The answer would probably be no. I enjoyed the large exhibits (I had no idea there were so many different large sites in the United States), the large RV, and Ashley with the knitting looms (I love knitting looms and have dozens of them). One of my favorite parts of the book was how Ashley taught everyone how to use the knitting loom to create chemo caps.  I liked the meaning of the stars in the novel.  They would gaze up at the star at night.  The stars represent memories of the people we have lost and remind us of all the things to come in our lives.  What a lovely thought.  I was hoping that this book would be an enjoyable read, but I found myself skimming through a lot of it (I speed read through the boring sections).  The book does contain a nice ending with good results for the characters.  I just found the book lacking (boring).  I give Counting Stars 3 out of 5 stars (which means it is just medium or vanilla).

Counting Stars is available on Kindle Unlimited (which is a great affordable program).  I received a complimentary copy of Counting Stars from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins.  I am off to the grocery store for a couple of items (including chocolate)!  Enjoy your day and Happy Reading!

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