Saturday, October 24, 2015


Today is Make a Difference Day.  A day that is to be devoted to helping others in your community.  People get together to do community improvement projects.  This day was started in 1990.   Former President Jimmy Carter would devote his time on this day to work on houses (Habitat for Humanity) for those in need.

Moonlands by Steven Savile is a young adult paranormal mystery/romance novel.  Ashley Hawthorne looks like a regular 15 years old girl (almost sixteen), but she is very special.  A group of loyal people took her from the Moonlands almost sixteen years ago for her safety.  Now someone is out to kill Ashley (aka Ashkellion) before she comes of age at sixteen (and can try and claim the throne).  They need to keep her safe.

Blackwater Blaze (and his pack) are sent through the moongate to London to kill Ashley and eliminate the threat to the king.  His pack first encounters Targyn Fae (a warden who protects Ashley) and all of the pack is killed except Blackwater Blaze.  At daylight Blaze transforms back into a man (because of the sun).  He continues to watch Ashley hoping for an opportunity to kill her.  Will the wardens be able to keep her safe?  What happens when Ashley finds out her true heritage?

Moonlands was a very hard novel to get into to.  It took me four tries to read this novel.  Once I got about halfway through the book, I found it more interesting and engaging.  I think part of the problem was too many characters.  It is hard trying to keep track of all the people protecting Ashley, Ashley’s friends, and the characters in the Moonlands.  There is also the two separate worlds and the magical elements (as well as the evil forces).  There is a lot packed into one book (I just gave you a to-the-point overview). I give Moonlands 3 out of 5 stars.  I found the romantic elements a little strange considering that Ashley was only fifteen (almost sixteen).  She seems a little young for a to-die-for love (but kids grow up so fast these days).  Overall, the premise for Moonlands is very interesting, likeable characters, and interesting setting. 

I received a complimentary copy of Moonlands from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am currently reading The Silence of the Chihuahuas (A Barking Detective Mystery Book 5) by Waverly Curtis.  I am off to do some housework (while I watch the Good Witch marathon on Hallmark). The brush function on my sweeper (for cleaning carpets) has decided to quit working.  I seem to have bad luck with sweepers. This one is less than a year old. I am hoping it will be a simple fix. Have a lovely, relaxing Saturday and Happy Reading!

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