Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Look Both Ways

Happy Wednesday!  We are halfway through the week.  It is also Plush Animal Lover's Day!  I have to admit that I like this day!  I may be in my 40's but I have been collecting Raggedy Ann and Andy's since I was twelve.  My collection is quite large.  My mother has a big collection of Boyd's Bears!  Some of them are 3 feet tall!  Almost every person collects something (even if they do not realize it).  I collect books, old hats (especially from the 1940's), and Raggedy Ann and Andy's (I have lamps, mirrors, books, etc.)  What do you collect?

Look Both Ways by Carol J. Perry is the third book in Witch City Mystery series.  Lee Barrett is working on furnishing her new apartment which is on the top floor of her Aunt Ibby’s home (where she grew up).  It is summer time which means she has extra time on her hands.  Lee teaches TV Production 101 at Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts (aka Tabby).  To keep herself busy, Lee has agreed to locate the props needed to the plays being performed at the school that summer. 

Lee and her Aunt Ibby (Isobel Russell) see a snippet on television about an antiques dealer, Shea Tolliver who has a dresser with hidden compartments.  The dresser is identical to one Lee had as a child that burned in a fire.  Lee rushes over to purchase the dresser.  It previously belonged to Helena Trent who was murdered over six years previously.  When Lee goes back to Tolliver's Antiques and Uniques to look for more items for her apartment, she finds Shea Tolliver dead in the store.

Lee sets out to find out who killed Shea Tolliver.  Does it have anything to do with the dresser she purchased and Helena's missing pink diamond necklace (worth a pretty penny)?  Will Lee’s newly discovered scrying talent help in solving this puzzle?

I enjoyed reading Look Both Ways.  It is a fun, paranormal mystery novel.  While this is the third book in the series, you can read it without having enjoyed the first two books (though you should read them).  I give Look Both Ways 4.25 out of 5 stars.  I like the characters in the novel as well as the town of Salem, Massachusetts (which I bet is a great town to live in during Halloween).  I am hoping that Lee will embrace her talents more fully in the next book.  One thing I did not enjoy was the addition of dream interpretation and Feng shui.  I did not feel it helped or enhanced the story.  The book already contains witchcraft, tarot reading, and scrying.  Overall, Look Both Ways is a magical book that is a delight to read!

The other books in the Witch City Mystery series are Caught Dead Handed (currently $2.51 on Amazon) and Tails, You Lose (currently $1.99 on Amazon).  I received a complimentary copy of Look Both Ways from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am off to do a little house cleaning (sweeping).  I hope you have a lovely and happy afternoon!  Make sure you do something for yourself!  Take care and Happy Reading!

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