Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Heart's Promise

It is so very hot outside today!  I think a person sweats just sticking one leg outside (I dislike sweating).  I will never understand what possessed my parents (I was only twelve at the time) to uproot us and move to Florida (I liked the snow, of course, I did not have to shovel it).  Why couldn't we have moved to northern Florida where it is a little cooler and less humid?  I am thankful to whoever invented air conditioning!  Can you imagine living in this heat (or in Arizona or Texas) without air conditioning?  Somehow our ancestors survived it (probably spent a lot of time in the local ice house)! 

A Heart’s Promise by Colleen Coble is part five of a six part series.  It is the first series that Colleen Coble wrote.  The series has been out of print for ten years.  Emmie Croftner is pregnant and a sort-of widow.  She discovered after her husband, Monroe passed away that he had another wife and son.  Emmie cannot believe that Monroe deceived her.  Emmie has moved with her best friend, Sarah and her husband, Rand to Fort Phil Kearny in Wyoming Territory.  She could not stand to stay in her old town with all the gossip and looks.  Isaac Liddle is an officer who has taken a liking to Emmie.  Isaac does not know about Monroe.  Emmie knows she should tell him, but she is afraid of his reaction (she really should tell him before Jessica DuBois—Major’s Dubois’ daughter who is nasty and a gossip).  Jessica threatens Emmie.  Jessica tells Emmie to stay away from Isaac or she will tell him her secret.  What is Emmie to do?

A Heart’s Promise is a simple, sweet, and short story.  You really need to read books one through four before reading A Heart’s Promise (or it will be confusing).  I give A Heart’s Promise 3 out of 5 stars.  It is an okay book, but not great.  It is nicely written, but I can tell this is one of Ms. Coble’s earlier works (not of the same caliber as her current novels.  Lacks depth).  I also wish they had published all the parts as one book instead of as a series.  When a book is published this way, it just seems like a scam to make consumers pay more for the books (because when they ultimately come out with the series in one volume it usually costs less than all the books put together). UPDATE:  I have discovered that all six book in the series will be out as one collection in February 2016.  It is called A Journey of the Heart Collection.

I received a complimentary copy of A Heart’s Promise from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I am currently reading an adorable British mystery called Monty and Me by Louisa Bennet.  It is told from the point-of-view of the dog, Monty (I am laughing my way through it).  Have a great evening, stay cool, and Happy Reading!

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