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Wandering Soul

 I received a comment today online through a site where I post reviews.  The person did not like my review. She felt I gave it a bad review because I had not read the other books in the series.  I did comment how I had not read the other books, but it did not affect my review.  I just did not enjoy the book.  Of course, that is the beauty of our world.  There are different types of books for all the different types of people.  I like Christian fiction, Amish fiction, thrillers, and mysteries.  Other readers like biographies or romance.  We are unique individuals and we are lucky enough to have different books, television shows, web sites, stores, etc. that will appeal to each of us.  

Wandering Soul by Cassandra Chandler starts out in London 1881.  Dante Lucerne just helped save his friends, Mary and Edgar from a burning theater.  Dante gives his mother’s ring to Edgar and tells him to use to sell it (for Mary and Edgar to start a new life).  Dante insists on going back in to try and save his brother and sister-in-law (though they are very nasty to him).  Dante finds both of them dead (they were trying to get the contents of the safe before leaving the building) and his exit blocked.  Then a beautiful light and woman appear to Dante.  Elsa holds tight to Dante and whisks him to 2015! 

Elsa Sinclair is a time traveler.  She has been working quite a while to go back in time and save Dante.  One of the first things Elsa does is give Dante back his mother’s ring (but with no explanation).  Elsa tells Dante that she has brought him to Summer Park, Florida in the year 2015.  After arriving at Elsa’s home, Elsa collapses.  Evidently this is a side-effect of time traveling.  While Elsa sleeps for the next two days, Dante explores the special set of encyclopedia’s that Elsa has made for him.

When Elsa awakens she gets to know Dante.  She is very attracted to him, but she wants him to love her for herself (not because she saved him from the fire and brought him forward in time).  Elsa also has someone bothering her.  Elsa was set up on a blind date with Michael by her friend Jazz.  Elsa did not like him very much.  Now Michael is going out with Rachel (Jazz’ assistant).  Michael is very controlling.  He keeps showing up unexpectedly as Elsa’s house.  What is he up to and what does he want?  Will Dante be able to keep Elsa safe?

I was disappointed with the lack of time travel in Wandering Soul.  This book mostly consists of 66% of foreplay between Dante and Elsa, 2% mystery with Michael, 2% time travel (if that), and the rest is Dante and Elsa having sex, confusion because of their lack of communication, and then, of course, the making up.  We are never given complete information about Elsa’s time travel abilities.  I was looking forward to a paranormal mystery and got a romance book instead.  I give Wandering Soul 2.5 out of 5 stars.  There is an interesting take on the Phantom of the Opera in the book.  Dante wears a mask because of burns he received as a baby and the book hints that the legend is based on Dante.  I did enjoy how the writer introduced that into the book.

I received a complimentary copy of Wandering Soul from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

Thank you for swinging by and checking out my latest review.  Have a genial evening and Happy Reading!

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