Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hugo and Rose

Happy Sunday!  The beginning of another week!  The year is just flying by so quickly.  When I was younger, time seemed to pass very slowly.  I have been a bit of a reading binge this weekend. Since it just keeps raining, it is the perfect time to relax and enjoy some good books!

Hugo and Rose by Bridget Foley is a weird (I’m sorry, but the word fits) contemporary novel.  Rose has been dreaming about Hugo since she was six years old and injured in a bicycle accident.  She has been dreaming of him and the island for the last thirty years.  Rose is now married to Josh, a surgeon, and they have three children:  Adam, Isaac, and Penelope.  Rose has shared her adventures on the island with the boys (they like the stories).  Rose is tired of her life and unhappy with the way she looks (she has gained weight, forgets to shower, shave, or change her clothes).  She does not consider her problems “real problems” but she is tired and frustrated.  Rose loves her husband very much, and she knows, even though he is very busy, that he loves her and their children.  However, the only things Rose wants to do is sleep so she can dream of Hugo. 

One day she takes the kids through an Orange Tastee for some food and she sees a man who looks like her Hugo.  She stalks him for weeks before finally approaching him.  He is the Hugo from her dreams.  Hugo cannot believe that Rose is real.  He has books of drawings and recently he had begun doing comic books of their adventures on the island.  Seeing Hugo in real life is starting to change their dreams.  Rose seems drawn to Hugo and Hugo wants to spend time with Rose (they are obsessed).  Rose neglects her children and sort of “check out” of real life.  She finally tells Josh and he does not believe her when she tells him about real life Hugo.  Josh is a guy who only believes in reality (a scientist) until he sees irrefutable evidence.  Rose tries to stay awake and avoid Hugo.  She loves her family and wants to do what is best for them.  Then things get really strange as the dream world and reality collide.  With Rose avoiding Hugo, Hugo decides to take matters into his own hands.

I did not enjoy reading Hugo and Rose.  The book describes their dreams at length (childish dreams of pink beaches, strange monsters, and trying to get to the Castle City).  The idea of two people seeing each other in their dreams is good, but the way it was carried out was not.  Rose has a wonderful husband (I found him irritating, but he did love her), but all she does is whine, complain, and lie to the poor guy.  I found real life Hugo very creepy.  Hugo and Rose was not my type of book (which is okay).  That is why there are so many different books on the market.  Different books appeal to different people.  I give Hugo and Rose 1.5 stars.  

I received a complimentary copy of Hugo and Rose from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I finished Killer Jam by Karen MacInerney last night.  I will post a full review soon.  I am currently reading Murder at Barclay Meadow by Wendy Sand Eckel.  Have you read a good book recently?  I would love your suggestions.  Have an enjoyable Sunday and Happy Reading!

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