Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents

I think my dog is regressing.  We have had Doozy a year now.  He had not torn up anything in over six months, and then bam!  He is attacking my dolls again (I collect Raggedy Ann's).  I do not know what has gotten into him.  He has a nice big backyard to run around in, lots of toys, and playmates (I have not been able to walk him since I injured my shoulder).  I hope he settles back down soon! Doozy is such a sweetie otherwise.  I am sharing  a review of a tween novel today (or for those young at heart).

I just finished reading Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents by M.J. Ware.  Austin Winters is thirteen years and from America.  He is in England with his father.  His father is with the Diplomatic Corp. and has a new job at the American Embassy in London.  Austin received a letter via owl about Hogworts School of Magic and Mystery.  Austin loves magic tricks and likes the idea of learning more tricks.  When his father and secretary start talking about schools, Austin convinces his father (he did not need a lot of convincing) to send him to Hogworts.

Austin arrives at the school thinking that all the unusual things he is seeing is part of a magic act.  After the singing hat puts him in Slipperen House, Austin passes out.  Smape, head of Slipperen, thinks Austin is a Muddle until Headmaster Dumblesnore tells him otherwise.  Smape gets to tell Austin that magic is very real.  Harry had arrived without any supplies and has to use what is in lost and found.  As soon as he touches the wand he picked, he feels something and there is a spark.  Turns out that Austin is a second year student and he has to catch up on all the first year lessons (very quickly).  Want to guess who gets to tutor him?

Harry Plotter is the boy who lived and has a reputation as being stuck up as well as full of himself.   Along with his friends, Ronald Weasely and Hermione Danger (she is portrayed as stuck up at the beginning and does not like to help people in Slipperen house). 

I liked getting a different take on the story.  It contains a lot of the same scenes from Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents, but scene through the eyes of Austin.  The names of all the main characters have been changed (Dumblesnore, Smape, Ravenbeak).  It also gives us an explanation for how Harry came to have the sorting hat and sword in the chamber to defeat the Basilisk.  We also get a different viewpoint on the teachers and Dumblesnore (the headmaster).  I wish the author had not taken so much from the Harry Potter books (and make Harry out to be a snob).  It is a cute book, but not fantastic (not of the caliber of J.K. Rowling).  I give Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents 3 out of 5 stars.  I think young children (tweens) would get a kick out of reading this book with its American viewpoint.  Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents is currently free on Amazon.

I received a complimentary copy of Harry Plotter and the Chamber of Serpents from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  The review and opinions expressed are my own.

I have to do some binge reading the next few days. I have seven books to finish for August 1 (it was eight, but I finished one early this morning).  Wish me luck!  I am currently reading The Girl Who Ignored Ghosts by K. C. Tansley.  I hope everyone had a great day and has a lovely evening.  Take care and Happy Reading!

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